My dog, Madeline

Maybe I’m talking too much about my dog, Madeline, but I have something to share that is both sweet and sad.  You know how I feel about animals, especially dogs.  You’ve heard me reveal lots of Mysti and Madeline’s traits, both in life and in death.  You’ve gone through some horrendous times with us and some great ones.  So, I want to make you privy to one last night.More...

After a long day away, Claude and I got home around eight last night.  Madeline was very happy to see us, and of course, needed to promptly visit the yard, which she did.  Then she lavished us with hugs and kisses which she would have done if we’d only been gone a minute.  But more yesterday.  I think that she was really missing Mysti. 

When we left, she was a little less than happy with us, so much so that she didn’t even tell us goodbye.  You know what I’m talking about.  But she’d gotten over it by the time we returned home.

This part is what I wanted you to know though.  You know when she goes to bed; she has to have two toys, a baby bear and a baby dog.  Also, now she has her sister’s reindeer who stays in the bed at all times.  It seems to be a comfort because she can still smell her there. 

At any rate, she had her teeth brushed, her toddler’s bed in order (I do mean in order.  She almost reminds me of a Virgo with her orderliness qualities.) with pillows and babies in their own places.  I’d covered her with her favorite, soft to the touch blanket and she was resting her head on her pillow instead of her sister’s. 

Claude and I finally made it to bed after the long day and were close to sleep when I heard the little one burrowing through her blanket, snorting and making all kinds of noise.  As any mother would, I promptly told her to stop the shenanigans and go to sleep.

That’s when she sat straight up and told me that her sister wasn’t there and she was lonely.  As she said it, she surveyed her bed, all the animals and pillows and told me she could find no comfort anywhere.  Madeline looked straight into my eyes.  I know because we have a nightlight.  (Want to see the ghosts in the room.)  When she looked into my eyes, she let out a plaintive cry, a soft moan so heart beseeching that I recognized the need.  I immediately got up, picked her up and stepped back over to our bed depositing her softly.

Claude mentioned that I was doing the wrong thing.  I asked if he heard her to which he said he had.  Madeline marched over to daddy’s side, snuggled up to him on the outside of the cover, although her little ears were cold and prepared to sleep.  I tried to move her close to me because I didn’t want him to roll over onto her but she’d have none of it.  Then, like most mothers, I tried to stay awake in order to grab her from under daddy’s body, just in case. 

We all woke with a minimum of turmoil this morning.  Some time during the night, she’d made it over to mother’s side of the bed.  The two of us awakened to soft sunlight drifting in between the blinds, her stretching and my enjoying the morning with my family in bed.

Hopefully, tonight she’ll be all right to sleep in her own bed but maybe Claude’s right, I did wrong.

Da Juana