My dog, Madeline’s, new friend….

The other evening a bunch of us were sitting around eating when someone noticed that my little dog, Madeline, was frightened.  Our home has a hall at the end of the breakfast room.  Madeline was standing there watching someone in our bedroom.  All of a sudden, she tucked her tail, turned on her heels and went running into our office.More...

People sitting on the same side of the round table I was could see her acting strangely.  What they didn’t see was the man standing in our bedroom who, after having Madeline watch him intensely, decided that he would throw out his arms and jump at her.  Well, that game’s fine when it’s mother or daddy but not when it’s a stranger in her house. 

She knew we were supposed to be safe in our home.  And even though the house was full of people she didn’t know, she did know that mother had invited them in.  The only other problem was that she thought the man in the bedroom was invited but ordinarily people invited don’t visit mother and daddy’s bedroom without them there.  So, I saw her watch the man for what seemed to be about five minutes, then he did his thing and she took off.

Live people here couldn’t understand why she was so excited and frightened until I caught up with her and told her it was okay.  Then I told her that I saw the man too.  Guess what?  Those live people here, who haven’t been around me much, looked just the least bit uncomfortable too when they asked, “What man,” and I explained?

By the way, Madeline was fine after I told her that mother knew he was there.

Happy dreams.

Da Juana