My dog, Mysti Mariah

You know I’ve mention about my dog, Mysti Mariah’s, drinking habits while she was alive.  And I’ve pointed out how since her death she still stands in front of the water bowl and keeps her sister, Madeline, away.  Well, she’s at it again.

It’s surprising how patient Madeline really is when she wants a drink.  She surely isn’t that patient with her daddy or me. 

The other night James was sitting on the sofa next to our kitchen.  He had this look on his face after noting that Madeline, Claude and I were sitting on the other end of the sofa.  So much so that I had to question what was wrong.

He declared in his easy manner that he could hear a dog drinking in the kitchen.  Then he looked at Madeline for emphasis.  Now if you have a dog, you know what a dog drinking sounds like and James has had dogs.  I just smiled and said that Mysti was back at the water bowl.

Within a few minutes, Madeline wanted down to get a drink of water.  A while later I realized that she hadn’t returned.  I went to the kitchen and sure enough, the little one was lying there waiting for someone to move away from the water bowl.

Dead or alive, Mysti still rules the water bowl. 

Da Juana