My dog, Mysti…

A couple of days ago, my dog, Mysti, came from the other side to visit.  While working on my computer for a web site I’m about to publish and talking with my friend, David, I asked Claude to take Madeline outside for a little R and R.  My logical mind told me that Madeline ran away from daddy and came back to me at my desk when I saw her.  But my logical mind couldn’t come up with how the little one had changed color.More... 

Mysti had to maneuver around a couple of sofa’s to get to me and I watched her do it all the way to my leg.  She walked over and touched my leg with her nose.  Of course, that’s when logic kicked in.  I even called out to Claude being rude to David on the phone.  Then David got to hear me go through the process of reviewing what I’d seen.  See, even this psychic medium does some of that. 

After consideration and argument, I knew it was she and asked David if he knew who’d just visited.  And of course him being the man he is, he said Muffin.  Well in a way he was right.  Mysti was her reincarnation.

Mysti made my heart sing with that little visit.  When I see others visiting loved ones I’m reading for, I’m always glad but I take that somewhat for granted.  When it’s my loved one, I jump for joy.  Claude says that’s what others do when I tell them about their loved ones even if they’re on the other side.

Hope she comes back soon to visit.

Da Juana