My dogs appreciate cleanliness……

My dogs appreciate cleanliness about as much as I do.  I can tell because whenever I clean up the yard from little presents left behind, they walk around the yard then leave me another one.  In that brief time that the yard is completely free of anything but grass, my girls look happy and seem to revel in the fact that they have a clean slate.  The only decision then is where to put the new package they know mother will scoop up and whisk away.More...

And when it comes to baths, my youngest actually comes to me waiting and willing to get into the tub.  Her sister says that girl just ain’t right.  A bath means she gets to taste something she only gets to consume once or twice a week.  She likes the oatmeal shampoo that I bathe her with.  So, while I try to wash her back legs, she’s busy licking the front ones with me constantly stopping to brush her mouth away with the firm warning that she’s not to do that again. 

After the bath is over, and I am drying her, she grabs the towel, growls, bites and anything else her little mind can think of, then she runs to her sister and tells her that she is clean and her sister is dirty.  She likes to lord it over her sister.  This is every time she gets the bath.

Her sister, on the other hand, loves to be clean but doesn’t love to take the bath.  Whereas Madeline will swim Mysti won’t.  But once Mysti is clean, she runs through the house like a little banshee even running over her foolish little sister, Madeline, when she steps into her path.  We’ve seen and heard them clash like to football lineman vying to see who’s toughest.

Our babies bring us big fun and we make happy memories just like we’re wishing for you.

Da Juana