My father’s twin

Last night, while out with a friend, I literally bumped into a man who could have been my father’s twin. Since my father died two years ago and this man looked so much like him in the few years before his death even wearing the same type glasses my knees almost buckled when I saw him and after I did the double-take.

My friend, Dolores, was told immediately about his uncanny resemblance to my father and she agreed because of the pictures she’d seen of my dad. It worried me to think that I might be fabricating the identical looks because I’m missing my daddy so much lately. But this was unmistakable and Dolores confirmed it for me.

Because of events happening in my life right now I went to bed with all this on my mind only to dream a very disturbing dream in which a very good friend was doing something quite unusual and was doing it in my father’s house which had been miraculously transported here from another state, lock, stock and barrel including the land.

Only in a dream and gratefully I could translate it! Instantly I recognized parts of my current life included within the dream and hopefully am able to understand why I’m doing certain things in my life now.

As you know I believe we’re not victims of circumstance but rather create our situations no matter what and we also manufacture the outcome. Whew! Boy this outcome would be different.

The whole dream had me worried about my father’s house. Sounds almost Biblical, doesn’t it? But just for a moment it was as if my father was with me.

Da Juana

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