My friend, Connie…..

Today, while I was out, seems like that’s all I do but I know it isn’t, in a large grocery warehouse, I heard my friend, Connie, call to me as if trying to get my attention from a distance away and behind me.  When I turned around and looked for her, she was nowhere to be found.More...

It so struck me that she wanted me that I phoned her, first at home, then on her cell.  After answering, we do that for each other no matter what we’re doing, she mentioned that she was having a medical procedure done right then and would call later.

After playing phone tag, which isn’t unusual either, I told her that about two to five minutes before I’d called her, she’d called my name in such a manner that I just had to call.  She then related how at about the same time she’d heard her name called by some woman other than me twice.  She was sitting in the doctor’s office and looked around to see who was calling her.  Then she thought of me.

Coincidence……I think not…..Now we just have to wait to see what happens.

Da Juana