My friend, David…

My friend, David, and I worked last week learning a new web program.  It’s easier when it’s the two of us.  Friends make work and play better.More...

Since last week or the week before, I’ve had some kind of sinus problem.  Can’t remember how long.  Think that’s due to the sinus problem.

Finally, it’s dropped to my chest and hopefully; this is the end of that stuff.  My friend, James, says that it’s running its course out there right now.  James is a therapeutic massage therapist, one of the best I’ve ever encountered. 

Just a couple of weeks before getting sick, I’d mentioned to Claude, my husband, that I needed to take a vacation.  I seem to work twenty-four-seven.  My exact words were, “Claude, I need to take a vacation because I’m getting burned out.  You know that if you need a vacation and you don’t take it, you will take one by getting sick just so you get the time off.”

Guess what?  I didn’t take the vacation but I did get the illness so that I slowed down some.  My idea of a vacation is on the beach hearing the waves roll in but you knew that.  Well, it didn’t happen.  And I knew better.  So, now I’m working, just not as much, with a sinus problem. 

I know how the universe works.  I know how putting words out there always brings something back and I did it anyway.

Hopefully, this is going away and hopefully my friend, David, stays clear of it.

Da Juana