My friend, David….

My friend, David, thinks I take him for granted.  This sweet man is family to Claude, especially to Madeline and me.  He’s been around for almost as long as I can remember, not really, but it seems that way. More... 

David is my go-to man because he’s like an encyclopedia and can do almost anything, though he says I can too. 

Years ago, when I first started using a computer, he was the one I called when I had a problem and guess what?  I still do but not just on the computer.  When I call him with a problem, and don’t get him, I’ll continue to work on it until I am able to resolve it in some manner, or at least that’s what he tells me I do.  It’s sheer fear and stubbornness that leads me on to make me get it done.  You know I’ve always had a problem asking for anything but David is my one comfort zone, sort of like Claude and Madeline.  He’s old shoes.  If you’re a woman, you know how good they feel after a day of heels.

Maybe I do take him for granted but I don’t mean to.  This man means a great deal to me although I might not look like I’m listening to everything he says.  I told you he’s an encyclopedia and likes to recite all the ins-and-outs.  To me, that’s a little more than I need.  I just want to get er done.  He just reminded me of that when I was working on a webpage that he’s helping with.  It went something like this: “So, now you know how it feels when you say you just want something done and I tried to tell you how to do it and you just thought I should get it done.”  You see what I mean.  

Really, I’m so glad that I’ve got him as a friend and can listen to him no matter how much he tries to educate me.  I know I must be frustrating to him and I’m glad he still takes my calls even though they’re sometimes after I’ve resolved my problems.

Da Juana