My friend……

Today my thoughts have turned to my friend, Connie.  As you may know from my ramblings, she and I are very close.  She doesn’t mind telling me I look fat in something.  Wait!  Is that really a friend?  Of course she uses sweet words like:  I don’t think that looks as good on you as that other one.  But when I pin her down, she admits I look fat in it.  And who wouldn’t want a friend like that?More...

My dear, bubbly friend is going through a time that most of us wouldn’t envy at all.  Her mother-in-law will be dead within the next few hours and her mother is dying as well.  Two people she is very close to are leaving this earth.  It doesn’t matter that she’s a medium, like me, and knows we continue to live on after a physical death.  And even knows that those who die are born back into their spiritual roots.  They just took off the physical restraints. 

What matters is that she won’t be able to hold them physically.  Don’t get me wrong.  Those on the other side can touch us and do, but the feeling is different. 

Not only that but she, like countless others, has to deal with the struggle of her loved ones brought on by the innate passion of physical life.  That is to stay physically alive at all costs.  Sometimes the cost is horrendous.  My friend is living with that now watching two women she loves struggle. 

Those that love her, and there are many, can’t help her.  We can’t console her.  There is no consolation when your mother is dying.  All we can do is stand by and try to be there for her.  I try to give her an outlet to cuss.  That’s one of my contributions because I know how to make her do that.  I think good friends do know that.  But dealing with the seven stages of grief isn’t easy.  And I know that too.  You can’t tell her that you’d take this burden from her if you could because no one in their right mind would want this.  All you can do is be there for her for whatever she wants.  Psychic or not, you can’t walk this road for her. 

Da Juana