My friend’s cat noticed the ghost in the room.

It’s amazing to me how non-conscientiously an animal such as my friend’s cat noticed the ghost in the room. She followed it with her eyes and head as the ghostly figure made its way across the room from the upper left corner to light right beside her on her right.

Her daddy was watching while she sat examining her ghostly friend in the corner and mentioned it to me so that I looked up to catch her tracking its course. His next question was “What is Birdie looking at?”

Without thought and I should have thought too but didn’t, I answered, “The ghost.” As soon as that had left my mouth I thought of the way it sounded and realized that Birdie and I took the sighting for granted as being natural but my friend didn’t. Then I added, “It was a bird in shadow form that looked a lot like a falcon.”

Then I pointed out the obvious how the ghost bird had flown from the corner all the way across the room and lit beside her on the floor.

Sometimes those sorts of things don’t sit well with what some call normal people although this man has seen ghosts at both my home and his with each sighting telling me they need to leave.

As I already know people are fearful of what they don’t understand. Now his cat is teaching him too.

Da Juana

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