My grandson proclaimed that last night was the best night of his life so far.

My grandson proclaimed that last night was the best night of his life so far.  He’s eight.  It was right after he went on a family hayride last night complete with about seventy people and theatrical plays at three of the stops along the way.More... 

He put a thought into my mind.  You know me, always thinking.  But when I heard him say that it was the best night of his life so far, I knew that he has high hopes that there’ll be better nights coming.  Not only that but on that night he had a wonderful time of adventure and creative activity.

Remember when you were young, knew you were immortal and had many good times coming.  That’s where he is now and we can revel in the fact that he’s enjoying his life.  It goes to his parents’ influence.  They allow him the time to be a child. 

Claude tried to do that for me after we were married.  There was no time to be a child when I was young because I was the mother figure in a household of men.  Two of the men were my younger brothers.  And boy were they boys.  From swimming in the gravel pits, without my authorization, of course, to building tree forts on our back property, okay, maybe it was a neighbor’s, these boys were into everything.  It was hard for me to keep up with them at the time and I was only a few years older than them. 

My daughter waited a lot longer before she started her family and I think she’s doing a wonderful job with her boys.  But there are days I can see a certain tired attitude mother’s of all ages get and I can see fear, the fear of “Am I doing it right?”

My brother’s grew up and did wonderfully for themselves and their families and I’m sure my daughter’s boys will do the same.

Oh, and one other thing, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  Be a child like my grandson and enjoy this night of candy and visiting.  Along the way, you might see a real ghost.

Da Juana