My kind of vacation…..

If you can call me compulsive about anything, then it is that I’m a habitual worker but this week I’ve taken some time for me, which amounts to my kind of vacation right now.  Years ago, before Claude and I started working together, I’d work hard but take time out for me too.  That stopped when we started working together.  And that work ethic has continued without much time for me since.More...

But last weekend made me remember what it’s like to take a break and enjoy.  Several of my high profile friends make sure that they take many vacations per year.  Now I know why.  It gives you a sense of renewal, of coming back to something you enjoy and of new vitality.  Should have been doing it all along.

I think women are the worst about not taking time for themselves because we have so much to do, or at least think we do.  And in truth we do have lots to do but we can also take some woman time and come back better and stronger.  Even if you can’t leave your home, you can decide that everyone should leave you alone for a period of time.  And stick to it.  Light candles, soak or have friends over.  Any way you like it, just take a break and revive your spiritual, emotional and mental self.  Then the physical will follow.

See what it’s done for me.

Da Juana