My little puppy of thirteen years, Mysti Mariah……

My little puppy of thirteen years, Mysti Mariah, went to have her sonogram this morning.  Did I say it was very early this morning?  She and I got to watch the sun come up as we drove east.  Think we got the best of it because Claude was trying to sleep in.  Since he had Madeline Suzanne with him, he didn’t get to do much sleep. More... 

After putting her back into her bed, Mysti and I left.  Madeline didn’t like that at all.  She told her daddy that she was upset until he finally put her into our bed.  Still she was nervous waiting on us.  You know, pacing and all that.  Boy do I feel sorry for Claude.  Yeah!  Right! 

A sonogram of the heart is a wondrous thing.  Watching the blood move is another.  We could see how the heart emptied and pumped.  The technician asked me why the doctor, who wasn’t there, wanted the heart checked too.  You remember that I took her in to check her adrenals.  I told him that I thought I’d heard a heart murmur.  Mysti’s doctor had heard it too and that she told me she’d like to look at both.  You could see the murmur on the sonogram and hear it too.  Amazing.  He told me something I didn’t know and that is that terriers and dachshunds generally get a murmur between eight and ten years of age but that it’s nothing to worry about.  I wasn’t worrying. 

We’re supposed to get the test results back today or tomorrow.  Did I tell you that I saw her liver and kidneys too?  Oh yeah, and her adrenals.  Did I say amazing?  How can you not believe in God when you see science at it’s best?

Say prayers please.

Da Juana