My mouth gets me into trouble!

As a psychic I feel that I must always be in control of my abilities. Although I like a Margarita on occasion, I rarely drink, really rarely. That’s because my mouth might open and I might say something that I wish I could take back. This has happened.

One night, while over at my girlfriend’s house, where I was meeting her girlfriend for the first time, we had a little wine. Well, I like a little wine sometimes but……on this night, I got to feeling right at home after my first glass. For me that is like drinking four. Anyway, this nice dead lady sits beside the woman I had just met.

Ordinarily I might have been quiet but not after having the drink. I looked over and announced to the poor woman that a lady was sitting beside her. She had been drinking too, but at a glance, she knew no one was beside her that she could see. That is until I explained what the woman looked like and that she called herself mother to this lady. With that, the woman moved away from her mother and stared at me as if she had seen a ghost.

To make matters worse, that wasn’t enough for this one drink alcoholic. I finished by telling her that her father owned a pub and was tired of living. Not only that, but she should let him go. She confirmed all this for me. As a matter of fact her father died in the next couple of months. Needless to say my visit with this new supposed friend was a one-time affair. Therefore, I try to stay in control of my senses and my mouth.

Da Juana Byrd