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On occasion I will google my name to see what’s going on with our site. Many years ago, I found out that other people use my name. I have even seen recipes I have written be taken by others and put on their pages. Sometimes they give me credit. Sometimes they don’t. Most of the time it is something I can ignore but the other day, when I had a spare moment, I googled. And I wasn’t happy. Not only did I find my name being used by cell phone companies for horoscopes I hadn’t provided but they said I did, I found some very graphic language that I wouldn’t want anyone to have to read and they had it under the caption of my name. I am not a prude but…..if I write something like that I want it to be under my byline. This was different to say the least.


And it started me to wondering, with the advent of the web, have people become more aggressive in using others? Do you have any ideas on this?


Da Juana

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    Da Juana, I love to write, I love to create and the internet seemed like the perfect avenue to expand my creativity with until something very similiar to your experience happened to me and it was an eye-opener. I found my stories being plagerized and my ideas being taken and touted as their own. I have no idea why a person would think it's okay to take someone's hard work and passion and capitalize on it for their own benefit, but I have a hard and fast rule name goes on everything that is mine and I am very careful not to take credit for that which I did not create. My advice? Well not that you asked but I say be aggresive about ensuring that your name and reputation are only presented as you yourself would be happy to see them. You have every right to address the misuse of your name on these sites, they are after all probably making a fast buck with the use of a reputable name. Wow...sorry I didn't mean to go on so, but this is definitely a pet peeve of mine that a persons creations are a part of them, their soul, their passion and it belittles a persons work to give them no credit. Take care and thanks for letting me rant. -Juana

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