My neighbors…..

My neighbors aren’t making the sign of the cross when they see me anymore.  You know I told you about them staring at me when they found out that I talk with the dead.  After being told that one or two of them were really good Christians, I noticed that they seemed to turn the other way when I walked outside when they were out there.  But it’s amazing what a couple of months will do.More... 

One of the neighbors, a very good-looking man who has a huge, permanent, I’ve got a secret smile and reminds me of my oldest, younger brother was trying to get to know his new neighbor.  To make a long story short, he asked me what I did for a living.  To which I replied, “Don’t think you really want to know.”

Then he came back with, “You think it will bother people.  Are you a mortician?”

All I can say is that there is a bit of psychic in everyone.  I looked at him with his permanent smile and replied, “Something like that.  I talk with the dead.”

Although he took a couple of steps back the smile remained.  After swallowing a couple of times, he said, “That’s not so bad.”  Believe it or not, he was the only one who waved and continued to smile at me all this time.

But times they do change.  Claude and I are invited to a wine and cheese party this week.  Can you believe it? 

Da Juana