My psychic ability almost instantly lets me know what sign

When I meet someone for the first time my psychic ability almost instantly lets me know what sign appears in the top three of their astrological natal chart.

Just as most do by knowing there is something that attracts or repels them to a person that piece of information, which generally turns out to be accurate, allows me to make a rapid decision on how close I’ll allow our friendship to become. Personally I know making that decision comes from history for me. Certain signs get along better with other compatible signs.

What amazes me is that the psychic steps in before I even have to ask for a birthdate. It has always done that but it seems to come more quickly now. Each sign has their own physical characteristics such as red-skin for an Aries or Libra dimples. But that doesn’t always explain that person’s sun sign. This could be a moon or ascendant.  So you can’t really rely on those physical traits but I can rely on my psychic and medium talents.

At any rate I enjoy learning whether the information I get is accurate.

Da Juana

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