My puppies, Mysti and Madeline…

My puppies, Mysti and Madeline, think that I love them to no end.  They also think that I’m more stubborn than them and that’s going some because they are Schnauzers.  You might not know their heritage is one of stubbornness until you have one of these little babies.  They come from Germany originally and I understand that they are even police dogs over there now.More...

I’ve heard people relate that Schnauzers are the dogs with the human brain.  I believe it.  My Muffin learned to spell words so that we couldn’t get one over on her.  She also made me realize that dogs enjoy the sights as much as we humans might.  Maybe even more. 

Mysti is an independent little soul who keeps her distance from new arrivals until she’s sure their worth the effort.  Madeline is totally different.  She doesn’t meet a stranger, which can be disconcerting for a mother. 

The thing they feel mother is so stubborn about is keeping them alive.  With the illness that Mysti just fell prey to, she wouldn’t eat.  At all.  Being the southern woman I am, no one is going to starve around me if I can help it.  But Mysti, with her stubborn streak, was going to try. 

If looks could kill, I’d be gone now.  Mysti gives some of the dirtiest looks I’ve ever gotten and Claude says I’m fairly good at giving them myself but….

She told me more than once that she wasn’t going to eat as she lost almost three pounds from her little frame but she finally started eating again and she left us both with hope.  Hope that she would get better and that we would beat that horrible disease. 

Another thing that I learned from my sweet, and she really is, little girl is that after a while, she gets tired of my poking pills down her throat.  To let me know just how bad it is to her, she can’t tell that I have my finger down her throat pushing a pill.  So, she chews with her back molars until I got wise and told her to quit biting her mother.  You know what, she did, quit, I mean. 

Just to let you know, she’s much better.  Thanks for the prayers.

Da Juana