My puppy dog, Madeline, is the reason….

My puppy dog, friend, Madeline, is the reason that I think of new games in order to get her to take her medications.  Ms. Muffin Byrd, Mysti’s predecessor, took hers just by my handing it to her and asking that she swallow.  Not so with either Mysti or Madeline.  They were and are both dogs that knew and know what they want in their mouths.  Making a game of giving them meds meant I didn’t have to shove it down their throats.  Besides Madeline’s little throat is so small that she gets hoarse from my doing so.More...

Mysti made me start thinking of games because she was so smart and, the real reason is that she got bored so easily.  When Madeline came along it was just her following and loving the game. 

People can’t believe how they play this.  As a matter of fact, I use it for other items as well when I want Madeline to do something now.  Y’all know that Mysti is on the other side now but she’s still smart and still the same except for she’s not the martyr any more.

You remember the child’s game, hot and cold when you’re looking for an object.  That’s the game Madeline plays and takes medications, vitamins and so on.  Also, I can get her to go get something and bring it to me with this same method.  After all, dogs are hunters.  This just makes the hunting fun and Madeline is very good at the clues.  She turns on a dime.

First, I make a big production out of getting the pills out.  If this is a first time for you, then hide something like a treat.  Next, I tell her that she has to go hide, put her in a bedroom and close the door.  She’ll cheat and I know it.  After hiding the item, I go to the door and get her psyched up by asking if she really wants to find whatever it is.  After a little barking and a lot of open this blankety-blank door, I open it and release the hounds, one hound now.  Then I start the clues, cold, cold, cold, warm, warm, warmer, hot, hot, hot until she gobbles it down. 

She loves this game so much that she looks for items in the same way.  It could be a toy or anything they love.

Try it and see the laughter on your dog’s face.

Da Juana