My puppy dog, Mysti

Today, I’m really missing my puppy dog, Mysti.  Like any human after someone passes over, I have my good days and bad.  The medium side of me tells me that’s it’s okay but the human side of me wants to cry.  It seems that I’ve finally let myself grieve her and my brother.

Don’t think that I don’t miss my brother…..I really do…..but Mysti lived in our home for over fourteen years.  It was like losing a teenaged child to us.  If you have a problem with an animal being considered like a child to us, then it’s your problem.  I only know what my heart feels. 

Also, being the medium I am, I know that everything is part of God.  When one part of the equation is taken away, then there is a grieving process and rightfully so.  I also know that energy, even if a small dog, never dies but only returns in another form, like an atom.  God, in his/her infinite wisdom, made atom recycling well….a good green job.

Lately, I haven’t seen her around but as soon as I say this, I know she’ll come.  Mysti’s got other fish to fry on the other side and can’t be at my beck and call all the time.  I know this but I’m a selfish human right now who needs to hold my baby but the holding is different now.  So, let me mention again, if you have someone you love, let them know it now……and hold them.

Da Juana