My puppy dog…

Madeline, my puppy dog, made this a much more eventful week.  Along with other things that I do, I finally took a look at the youngest member of our direct family.  That’s when I made up my mind to have her teeth cleaned and checked.More...

Let me tell you that I’ve been concerned about having her teeth cleaned because of what she came with when we adopted her and sedation.  I try to be a good mother by brushing her teeth each night along with Mysti’s.  But that wasn’t good enough.  My little carb eating, meat and bread, dog had five teeth pulled. 

That’s also when I learned that my baby has an enlarged heart with severe heart disease.  You can imagine how I’ve felt.  The conversations here at home, with both Claude and the other side, have been heated because of my hurt and their trying to tell me no one’s perfect.  But the only one I can blame is me.  With my ardor in helping everyone else, I forgot to help her.  When I finally took a look at her the night before, when I called the vet to get this done, I knew and I cried.  I’m still crying.  My little shoulder puppy. 

Even at the vet’s office, I couldn’t get past helping another.  A cat there had pity on me, hopped up on the counter and told me that everything would be okay.  She took the time to care for me when she was in pain. 

The receptionist asked me how I do what I do and I gave her an example by looking at the cat.  To her I said, “I start by looking at someone such as this cat, look at the body, then progress beyond the skin to the bones……By the way, there’s something wrong with her.”

She told me that she’d been feeling that.  Then I told her what I saw…..It’s not fatal but the cat had enough pain that she’d been pulling out her hair in clumps.  If I’d had what she had, I probably would have too.  

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Well, I learn new tricks but I guess I’ll always help others too.

Anyway, from our household to yours, have a happy Memorial Day and please pray for us.  This psychic is being human.

Da Juana