My puppy, Madeline…..

You know I’ve told you about my puppy, Madeline.  Well, she did something so cute last night that I just have to share it with you.  Madeline loves most of her toys and all of her sister’s.  She sort of claims everything as hers, mother, daddy, toys and even her sister.  This puppy is no shrinking violet.  Her little ways can sometimes drive even the easiest going person or puppy to drink or even the occasional violence. More... 

But last night, Madeline was the epitome of gentleness, sweetness and light.  You know I’ve mentioned that Madeline has a couple of stuffed babies who sleep with her.  I’ve also talked about how she wakes them in the morning and how they have to leave the bed because any self-respecting puppy or teddy has to get up and face the world just as Madeline does.  And that little ten-pound puppy wakes me in the morning with vigor in her voice and loving in her spirit. 

She had only brought her baby puppy out of the bed yesterday because Claude and I have been so busy, we just don’t think about getting them both out of bed for her.  We, many times, if we forget to help them up, find her under our bed close to her bed where her babies are.  Generally she tells us then they need to come out of the bed.  We comply. 

When we got ready to go to bed last night, I asked Madeline where her baby puppy was.  She immediately went to the sofa where both she and he had been sitting.  I had to put them up there because Madeline can’t jump and she wasn’t going to leave baby puppy on the floor.  Either they both got on the sofa or neither did. 

After picking puppy up and starting towards the bedroom, Madeline dropped the ball she was holding and demanded I give her baby to her, which I did.  She carried him, he’s almost as big her, to the bedroom and waited until I picked her up, with baby puppy still in her mouth, and put her into bed. 

I walked off to brush my teeth and do my nightly ritual.  When I returned to the bedroom, I saw the most amazing, beautiful sight.  You also know that Madeline always sleeps with her head on a pillow, which she has, or she makes a pillow from something she loves, even baby puppy.  Well, there she laid, her head on the pillow, with baby puppy’s head right beside hers and as close as he could possibly get to her.  She had the most incredible look of love and sweetness on that little menace face of hers that I almost cried with joy.  I covered Mysti, Madeline and her baby puppy, walked back into the bathroom and told Claude to look when he came out. 

Precious moments. 

Da Juana