My puppy….

My puppy, Madeline, continues to amaze me.  And it’s not just because she’s smart either.  You know how much I admire intelligence and can’t stand close-mindedness.  I’d love her even if she were the dumbest creature alive.  That’s true motherhood.  You also know I’m her mother and couldn’t love her anymore if I tried.  But she’s done something now that makes my heart sing.More...

Madeline’s been worried about her sister, Mysti, because of her health issues.  I’ve noticed that she’s nicer to her now even when Mysti nips and that’s quite often.  She got used to Madeline being the meanness of the family and hasn’t forgotten.  So, Mysti still gets even every chance she gets. 

What I’ve seen Madeline do lately though is take her prized babies, baby bear and baby puppy, who sleep with her at night and come out of the bed in the morning, and put them beside her sister while Mysti naps on the floor close to me.  As you know no self-respecting baby bear or baby puppy can stay in the bed all day.  Madeline not only puts her babies beside her sister but she actually puts them close enough that Mysti is curled around them.  Isn’t that precious?

Oh, I know what science would say about this but let’s face it.  Science is learning everyday that we are still learning.  They can’t say animals are incapable of sympathy any more.  Coco and Alex, the African Gray parrot, taught scientist a lot but they haven’t even touched upon just how much like us other animals really are.

So, I’m the proud mother of two extraordinary babies, just like Madeline.

Da Juana