My smart phone butt-called my fella’s Bluetooth….

Well it happened again. My smart phone butt-called my fella’s Bluetooth just as we were pulling back into his garage.

It wasn’t enough that it happened a couple of weeks before. What’s funny is that this man is getting to be so unfazed by my psychic behavior and having metaphysical events happen around him that it’s almost comical. Remember I said almost. When yet again the phone rang, I mentioned that it was my phone again and he said matter-of-factly, “I know.” Yet he also knew my phone was in my purse.

I knew that we were seeing it come across his Bluetooth but I wanted to make sure that it was called from my phone which I did and it was. After hanging up my phone, I explained to him that my phone had been locked so that uninvited calls shouldn’t happen. Not only that I have an added safeguard of putting the phone on my home phone under contacts so that if that happens it’ll call my home not someone else’s. Another safeguard is by putting it facing my writer’s notepad so that it won’t be touched and accidentally turned on or dialed. But here it was again calling him.

What I haven’t told him is that my dead brother’s wife is always butt-calling me from her smartphone which confounds her because as she tells me her extensive library of contacts was nowhere close to my number. She doesn’t know that my brother is generally around me at that time and this is just one more incident to let me know he’s still around.

Now to what I think. My father and a couple of other friendly ghosts have been keeping me cheered by first my father being around and by their comedic efforts. Daddy was letting me know how much he appreciates this man. I can see why.

Da Juana

P. S. Have you ever had this type thing happen to you? Let me know about it, please.