My thoughts are that the need to trust is embedded in a woman’s spiritual DNA.

My thoughts are that the need to trust is embedded in a woman’s spiritual DNA. It doesn’t matter that she’s been burned again and again. You’ll find most women continue to allow the same behavior from others though they intuitively know that they shouldn’t.

One instance of this is my favorite television show with it’s finally tonight, “Big Brother.” A female reality star gets burned by the same person over and over and without fail knowing he’ll do it to her again presses right on doing his bidding although it’ll cost her money. She even says that he’ll do it to her again and yet she doesn’t take the time nor have the desire to discuss this man’s tactics with the third finalist. If they only got together and talked this through, maybe the outcome would be different tonight.

Other examples of this need to believe is when a battered woman is told by her beating spouse that he’s sorry and won’t do it again. Though she’s bruised to high heaven she allows this man to reenter her life and inevitably beat her again all because of her desire to see the best in humanity.

Mother’s want to believe their children no matter what but we all know kids are not above lying occasionally but just not ours.

A woman knows her boyfriend or husband is cheating but she needs to think that he’ll stop and become the loving man she requires. Yeah, right!

Even me as a psychic and medium have my days wanting to believe the best in others though I’ve seen some of the worst that could be imagined. So, no woman, in my estimate, is immune to this yearning.  But also I know that we become women so that we can live out this spiritual drama in order to make our souls stronger even though I along with most other women want to scream, “How strong do I have to be?”

Learning how to say “No,” isn’t always easy but it’s one of those essential lessons we need to learn in order to make ourselves stronger.

Da Juana

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