My two puppies woke up before me…..

On a lazy day this weekend, my two puppies woke up before me but they didn’t know it.  Their toddler bed, that they got after Claude had the stroke and could no longer sleep with us, is beside mine.  I sleep on that side and can quickly get up if they need me.  It has other rewards too.  For instance, I can do what I did then, wake up without their knowing it and watch them for a minute or two.More...

The room was quiet and the morning dark from the rain clouds that have been our constant companion for the last few days.  Ocean Whale Music played on the CD.  The girls and I generally get up the same time each morning even on the weekends but they weren’t doing their usual flopping of the ears, which is their right as the alarm clocks in our house.  Instead they were lying there with their heads on their pillow.  That’s right.  My dogs have pillows.

Madeline whose nickname is Menace most of the time raised her head for a minute, looked at Mysti with such love I’ve only seen a few times in anyone, reached over and kissed her sister on the mouth.  Then she just sat there looking at Mysti with the same love.

Mysti, my independent one who needs no one, thought about it for a minute, then she turned to Madeline, then thought no, then kissed Madeline on the lips too.  Although it was a quick one, it returned the love and mother got to see it firsthand.

Generally Madeline feels left out by Mysti and tries to get even but not this time. Mysti just nips her now for no reason.  But not on this morning.  There was love in the room and not lesbian love as Claude says, it was two sisters telling each other that they loved the other.  It just happened to be two dogs. 

Let science tell me now that dogs are incapable of coherent thought.  The love I saw there cannot be faked.  And mother, that’s me, was and is so proud.

Wishing you that same kind of love,

Da Juana