Mysti, a dog and part of our family.

In the middle of everything else right now, Mysti, my baby thirteen-year old yesterday, puppy dog, has a back problem.  At least that seems to be what it is.  She’s had back problems before.  They make her throw up it’s so severe.  Whether you’re psychic or not when your baby gets sick you feel helpless.  This is when I wish I were a chiropractor.  Then I could help my baby more. More... 

Though I’m giving her muscle relaxers the vet wanted her to take, she’s still in real pain.  I can see it in her eyes.  Mysti’s had a fair amount of stress lately and that’s probably contributing to the pain as well. 

She’s one of the best individuals I know.  Oh, she has days where her little sister, Madeline, gets on her last nerve and where she even tells me to back off a little, but she’s one of the nicest furry people I’ve ever met. 

Say a prayer for her please.  She’s my baby.

Da Juana