Mysti and Madeline

Mysti and Madeline bring me no end to enjoyment, even when the two of them are arguing with each other and they do that. Though they are dogs, they have so many human traits, it’s pathetic. Most of their characteristics I love but I don’t think jealousy is one I particularly like or being a martyr either, which is Mysti’s specialty.


Mysti is my Muffin reincarnated and she is one of the loves of my life. Though she has some of the same traits she had in her previous life, she has added some that are bringing her a special kind of spiritual training. Being a martyr is sharing guilt and trying to spread it on like butter. I try to help her overcome this trait and she helps me to no end too.


It’s like having two babies in the house. Her little sister, Madeline, likes to hide. And please, don’t open a closet door enough for this little ten-pound adventurer to sneak through because the panic starts. Especially since Claude had the stroke. That’s when I have to send her sister to find her. Once Mysti finds her, then she has to make her come out of hiding.


She does this by jumping at her and sometimes nipping her, which means a pinch on her cheek. Lately, though, Mysti has been a little quicker in pinching her sister. She does it even when she isn’t hiding. Because of her being the martyr, she blames Madeline for coming into the household a little over six years ago and taking over the spot of baby even though Mysti didn’t want to be treated like a baby. Mysti is so independent. When she finally allows herself to be fawned over, she will sit in my lap, with her back to me, in the most regal of sitting positions. That is, unless, I have just returned from somewhere out of the house and then I see the real puppy.


Madeline actually would spend her life on my shoulder like a baby. In that manner she is above the fray. She can determine what she wants to get into or when she really needs to mouth off. When on the floor, it is too much temptation for her to run into her sister, turn sharply with her behind and knock her sister into somewhere next week. That brings on the pinching. And lately, Madeline will tell on her sister with a little, “Why did you do that?” whining.


Both are just the sweetest two babies for which anyone could wish. They make us laugh. They make us cry. Our world is better for having them.


Da Juana