Mysti has to take insulin….

You know Mysti, my oldest puppy, has to take insulin now for diabetes.  Knowing how much mother likes to give shots, not at all, then you can understand her reluctance to allow it. More... 

Bless her heart; she is one of the sweetest puppies you could ever meet.  She is only the martyr when she really wants something.  There are times though that the devil takes over this perfectly reasonable animal.   If you don’t believe me, ask her little sister, Madeline.  She’ll tell you there are times that her sister can really scare the bejeebers out of her. 

When Mysti’s feeling good, and that’s not as often as we’d like since the diabetes, she stares at Madeline with such intensity that Madeline wonders what she’s done and guilt just takes over her whole demeanor.  Our youngest tries to look away but some mysterious, unseen force draws her eyes back to Mysti’s.  When she does, Mysti takes off after Madeline.  Madeline has to beat it quickly under the bed or table so that Mysti can’t get to her.  Sometimes, she even runs to momma. 

Mysti can pinch hard, you see, and when she catches Madeline, she does nip the cheek.  I’ve felt Mysti’s wrath when I try to give her any kind of pill, especially the antibiotics she’s having to take now twice a day.  She doesn’t just nip me, she gnaws on my finger while it’s in her mouth and puts her thirteen-pound weight behind it.  I’ve had to tell her to stop.  She does.  The memory of my fussing at her fades though.  So she gets me again within the next couple of pill-popping times.

Mysti thinks I get her back twice a day though, when the needle has to be used.  After she eats, she starts thinking of how she can get away from mother and the insulin shot.  She uses everything at her disposal from needing to go outside to needing to get her little sister.  Anything to avoid the needle.  This doesn’t really make me feel any better and I try to stop shaking before I administer the dreaded needle because I know she picks up on my feelings too.  Hurting your baby, no matter what the reason, isn’t something most want.  But do it I will for as long as she needs it.  It’s hard to tell her that the reason you’re doing this is to help her when she only knows it hurts.

Say prayers please.

Da Juana