Mysti’s trip to the holistic vet….

Today I took my little dog, Mysti, to a holistic vet about 40 minutes away.  I had been thinking that I needed to do it for a few weeks now.  Yesterday, a friend who is a chiropractor gave me some hints for her back, which I used and it helped enormously but she needed to go to the doctor today anyway even though her back and neck was better. More... 

You see, I’d heard that I needed to get her checked for diabetes about two or three weeks ago.  Mysti doesn’t look like she’d be a diabetic but the doctor found sugar in her urine today.  When I asked if it could have come from the prednisone she had after a drug made her platelets drop to nothing, her doctor told me it most certainly could have been.  Steroids are very scary to me although we need some to survive. 

Mysti is running through the house now feeling like the thirteen-year-old puppy she is, acting as if she is three, but because I’m psychic, I can see the concern she has.  This little lady always tries to consider her mother and daddy’s feelings. 

She had acupuncture and got some holistic meds.  We should know all about her blood tomorrow because she gave enough today.  Please pray for her safety.  She is my baby and I believe that all things are possible. 

On her birthday, Tuesday, I looked at her, remembering Muffin, her reincarnation, and thanked God that she made it past twelve and didn’t have diabetes like Muffin did.  That day the signs started and sent me to see her holistic doctor.  I’m glad we caught it early.  Not only that but I wanted her doctor to check her kidneys as well.

Da Juana