You know it’s funny how your name really does represent your life and personality.  Each letter contributes to who you really are and you can’t get away from that fact.  Most believe that their parents gave them their name before or shortly after birth but that’s really not the case.  In most instances your spirit talked to one or both of your parents and gave the name you wanted to be called and used in your life.More...

What you say?  I’d never want to be called, Da Juana, Jill or Mickey.  Well, you’d be wrong.  Parents usually have an epiphany or look at the child after birth and say no way could I call this baby, Bob.  It’s because your spirit really does have say so and is communicating with your parents. 

For instance my name means Of John in Spanish, Latin, French and Italian.  My dear, dead friend’s name is John.  You remember the man who was the first person I laid eyes on in this life, quite the gifted teacher.  My mother who was 16 years and 16 days old had to spell my name in that way.  She didn’t know anything about the languages that would make me a product of my friend.  But there you have it.  I’m his protégé and was named after him.  That makes the common name John so much easier for me to take.  I kind of like the way Da Juana flows off most people’s tongues.

What’s more, that strong “D” also relates to my birth number in numerology.  There are no coincidences in life.  None!

You know I’ve put up two books I wrote on our web site concentrating purely on name meanings, “What’s in a Name,” and “Love Letters.”  Go look at them.  Think you’ll enjoy.  Check out how your name relates to you. 

Oh, by the way Janelle, when you know that the negative forms of your name are more prevalent in your life, you can change your personality to become more positive.  That’s one of your spiritual lessons to learn this time around.

Happy name hunting and learning.

Da Juana