Nature, the outdoors specifically, is wonderful.

Nature, the outdoors specifically, is wonderful. Most love to go outside if for nothing other than to breathe fresh air, watch a few birds and listen, see the sun or even the moon. Whatever your wish mother nature will fulfill it.

Yesterday Gabrielle, my little white dog, and I sat outside for a few minutes watching the Wrens feed their babies. Wrens are one of my favorite birds along with the Mockingbird, Cardinal, and Owls, oh Lord, I can’t stop but you get the gist.  Really it’s all birds but some more than others. Their heritage is always at the back of my mind just because even though they’re beautiful little things now, I remember they were capable of major havoc in their lineage as dinosaurs.

At any rate the babies were crying until daddy Wren got to the nest and told them to be silent because we were out there. Then he fed at least one of them and left but there was no peep coming from their nest after that. And I know they were well because he continued to return to the nest with sustenance.

Also, the weather has been great where I live. Spring has sprung and summer’s on its way is the feeling I get. That’s why it feels so good to be outside. The wind is blowing. To me there is no greater gift from God sweeping through the trees and caressing my hair on its way to who-knows-where.

Doesn’t it make you want to sit under a tree watching the squirrels play?

Da Juana

P. S. Get your so that you can see if you’ll be sitting under that tree today.