Well, finally, they’re now studying near-death experiences.  

Some hospitals are putting a picture on a shelf above the bed of people who may be having a near-death-experience in order to confirm that a patient has risen above the bed and saw the picture, which can’t be seen by those on ground level, sitting on a high shelf while the patient is soaring on their way out of this life. Others are measuring oxygen levels because they now know that death, like birth, is a process.

And what have I said time and again? When we die, we’re being reborn to the life source of which we really are. The physical body isn’t it. The spiritual body is. Although we don’t celebrate death as we do birth for obvious reasons, it’s being reborn, just the same.

We might need impetus to leave this world such as pain or other items like what we perceive to be accidents but we humans also decide the timing as well. Don’t be ugly with me about that because I’ll clarify.  We all know that everything is born with the innate desire to live and will fight to do so. Who in their right mind wants to die?

On a subconscious level, when we know that we are nearing spiritual need for evolving, we elect to leave this world and set up other experiences for learning. Also, when one of us leaves this world for his or her real home, they leave behind all sorts of spiritual lessons for those still living on earth. So the lesson is good for all but it doesn’t make the experience any easier.

My near-death-experience and my living with ghosts has given me more understanding but it doesn’t stop the hurt. My brother and Mysti are lessons for my family and those who loved them. And I’m still not finished mourning even though I know both are still alive. They come to see me. But they have busy lives now too. And I’m not the only thing on their agenda. So, physically, I miss them both terribly. But I’m glad too that scientist have now decided to study what I’ve known all along. It’s not just some physical aberration.  

Da Juana