Never give up….

The one thing that most successful people have in common is that they never give up.  As I’ve said before, I try never to say never, that is, unless I’m researching methods to stop Mysti and Claude’s diabetes.  I know there is a cure.  Finding it is my quest.More...

Believe and you achieve.  I’ll keep looking until I find the cure.  The Internet is full of possibilities.  Though I might give it up for a little while, I find myself back in the middle of the search engines looking again with hope.  Hope is the great equalizer.  Without hope people curl up and waste away.  I’m a fighter and expect those around me to do so too until they get too tired or decide they’ve had enough.  Then I’ll take up the banner for them and search again.

If you’ve heard of a cure for diabetes or blindness caused by stroke.  Please let me know.  We can help others with it too.

Da Juana