News report

The other night I watched a news report about puppies and it’s bothered me ever since.  What happened was this:  with the economy, dogs were being taken to pounds where they were put down because people were unable to take care of them.More... 

Claude and I got Madeline, our puppy dog, because we wanted to give Mysti, her sister, someone to love when we weren’t home.  The problem was that it was a love hate relationship.  Mysti loved her sister but hated her too and Madeline just wanted everyone to notice and love her and only her.

We got the extra puppy dog after careful consideration of whether we could take care of her or not.  At the beginning, we had quite a big health expense for both because of Madeline’s illness.  Then later with Mysti’s and ultimately her death.  But both of them have brought us much happiness and love.  Knowing that I’d have to give up one of them because of expense pulls at my heartstrings.  Knowing that others have had to do so and that the possibility of death lay for those who loved them unconditionally when they left them at the pound, I’m sure, hoping that someone would grant them love, life and home.   You can see why this story got to me.

Then along comes another news story about a woman having octuplets.  She had them in a down economy, without a job.  Okay!  It was because she wanted them.  And thankfully, she has love to give.  But here I am struggling mentally over whether I can take care of two dogs, give them love equally, a home, food and health care so their and our lives can be enriched by knowing and loving each other and she lives with her parents.  She must have some good parents is all I can say. 

Yeah, I’d try to help my daughter and our sons but I might say something to this effect if our daughter were living with us and consciously being inseminated in order to have more than the six she already had.  “Are ya crazy?  Fourteen kids!  How are we gonna take care of them all?  Do you know how many diapers that is?  Lord!”  Or something like that.

Guess I was dumb to wonder if I could take care of the dogs.  Maybe I should just get more.

Da Juana