No fear!

Fear is a topic I would like to bring to the forefront today because so many people live in fear. Fear of too little money, too little love, illness and on and on plagues people. As creators, we are totally responsible for our lives. If we live in fear, then fear is all we’ll ever see.


The Bible says of Job, “That which I fear most has come.” He lost everything, in case you didn’t know, including his family, had boils and was asked to turn away from God. But he kept his faith. In the end that was all he had. He didn’t blame God. There was no blame.


The item I want to look over though is what he said. If you fear something so much that you give it thought and emotion, it is being conceived just like an unwanted pregnancy. Whether you let it grow to become something you have to nourish for a long while is another thing. What I am trying to say is try not to fear anything to the point that you give it credence. Have positive thoughts and manifest what you desire because you are the only one who can make things happen for you. Make it good.


And don’t tell me that your boss has control of your making extra money. Your boss watches you to see how you approach your job. You have control of what he or she sees you doing at work. You see what I mean.


Make you life the best you can by leaving fear behind.


Da Juana

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  1. Replytuensom
    Hi Da Juana thanks for you talk about Fear! My mom lived in fear everyday. She was by herself and Fear was her biggest enemy. I tried hard to get her to see the other side and she would some days. She would call me later and thank me for talking to her and helping her to see the other side of things she feared. We went to lunch everyday and thats when we would sort out her fears and I hoped made her feel better about life. She just passed away last week and now I know she is truly without fear and though i miss her deeply I am happy she is free! No more fears!

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