Not always easy.

Most people would never think of me as a recluse but I am. Though I love people, love to be around them and love helping them, I generally stay close to home. Not only that but I really enjoy being alone. The reason is what you probably already know especially if you have any inkling of psychic ability and that is it is not always easy to be out in public. Not only that but new acquaintances and friends as well, if they know you are psychic, listen to every word you are saying and take it to heart.


I have learned when meeting a new person that I can’t kid and cut up with them which is really my nature. Because that person listens to every word and takes it to heart, he or she may wonder if my kidding nature is really a matter of fact. Many times I have had to reiterate that I am only kidding.


Another thing is that they wait for me to give them psychic advice, which automatically comes out of my mouth when you are around me for any amount of time. It just happens. And that can cause trouble too. An example was one night when Claude and I were going out to meet another couple that he knew better than me. We walked in, sat down and my mouth opened with the very inflammatory words that he and his wife had been speaking right before we joined them. Well, war ensued. But to my credit, I didn’t mean to start anything. My psychic mouth just happens.


Sometimes it has to do with my curiosity. For instance, one night Claude and I and another two or three people met at a restaurant. Our waitress came over as they generally do and I heard her name psychically. I heard Casey but didn’t believe that was the name but close to it so I asked her. She told me Stacey was her name and looked at me with a baffled expression because she had just heard me tell her that I thought it sounded something like Casey. Then Claude asked her if she knew who I was and gave her my name. She told him she did and then decided she liked being with us more than waiting on tables. So you see sometimes curiosity can keep you from eating.


That said, I still love being psychic and I will take the looks and questions because I do love it so much.


Da Juana