Obama and McCain’s ideas on troop withdrawal…

Yesterday, I listened to Claude’s favorite political show, which spoke of Obama and McCain’s ideas on troop withdrawal from Iraq.  Their roundtable discussion finally decided that the US will probably stay in Iraq for reasons other than helping the fledgling democracy, like oil.  Wow, can you believe that?More...

Republicans like to point fingers at Democrats and Democrats like to point fingers at Republicans.  Some want another party.  But guess what?  They’d only be pointing fingers too and having them pointed back. 

Politicians are politicians.  They tell us what they think we want to hear until they get into office.  Then they usually go about doing what they please.  Or so I think. 

A prediction I made, I can’t remember where, is that we’ll be in Iraq for years to come and it now looks like the powers that be agree I was right. 

Sometimes I don’t want to be right.

Da Juana