Not only do I like October because it’s my birth month but also because it ushers in some spectacular scenery.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Crisp morning walks in the woods are fantastic.  Seeing trees change color gives one the opportunity to see just how lovely God’s finger painting really is.More... 

God’s hand is upon everything and His/Her spirit runs through us all including our great earth but I digress. 

Just think of all the wonderful happenings in October such as October Fest, Halloween and the return of days growing shorter.  Expectations run high.  Children count every day until they can go trick or treating.  I think that we adults get just as much fun out of it as the children. 

Certainly, Mysti’s predecessor (past life) Muffin did.  She knew.  We didn’t tell her but on Halloween morning she got prepared.  She’d do more than her usual guarding the perimeter and she’d count the hours until children started showing up at our house.  Then she and her daddy, my sweet husband, Claude, would do their best to scare those precious little tricksters.  Muffin slept soundly on Halloween night, perhaps dreaming of holidays to come or counting her days until the next Halloween.

October my wonderful month.

Da Juana