People say that I am one of the oddities of the world because of my psychic abilities. I don’t think that I’m and oddity but others seem to think so because they perceive I am different.


With that in mind, I started looking at some real oddities. While sitting in my back yard, I watched as all the different butterflies socialized over a plethora of fine dining. And it made me think about how butterflies become butterflies. All of us know that a caterpillar starts this beautiful insect but did you know that the caterpillar has to die, become a liquid mush just like the earth was at one time when the first amoeba’s popped out of the water of life and be reborn in order to become that eye pleasing sensation. Now, that’s an oddity.


I can see how Native Americans must have felt watching them and giving them the adornment of reincarnation. God does have a way of recycling. And this method is one of the most beautiful.


Even bumblebees are oddities. Aerodynamically, they should be unable to fly but guess what? No one ever told them that they couldn’t.


Seeing a bald eagle overhead is an oddity but I swear I saw one the other day. Haven’t seen it since but saw the white head of a huge bird the other day. It might have been a straggler looking for it’s home but it was over my house.


And if you think about how you perceive others and events, then you will realize that we are not oddities. Perception is psychic.


Da Juana