Oh the weather outside is frightful

How does that song go, “Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”  For the past few days, we have had weather in the 70’s and 80’s.  That just doesn’t spell Christmas weather to me. 

But wait, as the marketers’ scream out over the television, there’s more.  In Texas if you don’t like the weather, give it ten minutes or so.  It’ll change.  And that’s what they are saying is going to happen for us.  Today we have fog and drizzle but this Christmas Eve they are calling for a winter mix.  Wow!  Snow as the song says.
What’s even more incredible is the actual Christmas holiday.  Did you know that Jesus, the guy we are celebrating was most likely born in the spring around Aries or Taurus time?  The original Christmas holiday was actually pagan for the winter solstice and was called, Yule or Saturnalia.  The church actually took advantage of some of those pagan worshipers back then and started Christmas and the worshipping of Christ birthday on that day so that they would have more people celebrate his birth.  Just a little trivia.  Religion of any kind fascinates me to no end.  By the way, before you start thinking I don’t love Jesus, He’s been in my home many times, a fact, which my daughter says I shouldn’t tell people.  She worries they won’t believe me although, and get this, I talk with ghosts.  She doesn’t worry about that.  Do you think she has a reason to worry?
Another thing is that I don’t want you to take what I said about the pagan holiday being at Christmas at face value.  Research for yourself.  Learning is the most important gift God gave us.  Oh wait, the Bible says in Corinthians that it’s the gift of prophecy.  I think they’re both great gifts.
Happy Holidays to everyone, no matter what religion you are.  God doesn’t really have a religion.  He or She just loves all his/her creations.  Aren’t we lucky?
Da Juana