Okay, a budget for the U S..

Okay, a budget for the U S..let’s see now, can we balance it and live within our means? Let’s hear a resounding, “YES.”

The U S budget is just like every other budget in the world. You pay out less than you take in. Or am I dumb? We, who have to pay bills, know that one small lesson. Always try to make it without credit or use your credit responsibly. And I’m not saying that there aren’t times we find ourselves eating Ramon noodles but we try the best we can.

Now, do you think either the Republicans or the Democrats pay their own families bills? I think not or they’d figure out pretty quickly that you have to turn the cable off sometimes in order to survive. If they were not such a burdened-down bureaucracy who only knows how to make more bureaucrats then we’d have a balanced budget without having to raise more taxes or take from those who’ve paid into the government all their lives with a promise of help when they get older.

For me, I probably will continue to work the rest of my life so that I can balance my budget. But for some, it’s not so easy.

Get a grip Washington D C and do what you were sent there to do. Listen to your constituents when we say we’ve had enough.

And I don’t mean vote them all out. We tend to vote the same kind back in while we think we’re voting them out. So, what do we do?

When I heard one representative say that he didn’t care what the voters thought (summing it up), he was in Washington now and would vote as he liked, I thought to myself….be glad you’re not in his district because you’d have to make it your life long project to get rid of his happy assssspects. That’s what’s wrong with our legislators…..they think they’re king or queen but monarchy should only be in England, right?

I’m not interested in political parties and not even sure I’ll vote again because I’m tired of their rigmarore (daddy’s word).

What I am interested in is our country and from where I sit, I think we need help. Wonder if we told those in charge at the moment that they only had a few months to work in D C if we caught them voting against what the majority wanted. Now what for punishment for voting as they like? Well, they’ll be given immediate time to spend in a specially made environment for government employees, big on the you work for us words covered under employees not rulers, who don’t want to do what our citizens expect. Wonder then if they’d be in the mood to run for office so quickly?

Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening. If you want you can vent here too.

Da Juana