Okay, here’s an email from a favorite person of mine who’s been with my website for many years.

Okay, here’s an email from a favorite person of mine who’s been with my website for many years. And though I didn’t think I wanted to address this question this year, I will because it’s her.

You see I try to stay away from politics and religion, more especially politics right now because people act as if I’m the one making the election happen by making it swing one way or the other, which is simply not true. And they are full of hatred still for anyone who doesn’t believe or who they think doesn’t believe like them politically. Close families can’t discuss politics in this country now and that’s a pity since I’ve had service men in my family who fought and died to preserve our freedom.

As I recall psychic messengers in the Bible weren’t dealt with a very good manner. So, reluctantly here’s her email:

“Dear Da Juana,

Thanks so much for your web-site.  I check my horoscope and gong hee fot choy every morning, and enjoy them very much.  I loved your book, too!

I was reading your 2012 Predictions again and realized there was nothing regarding the presidential election.  Do you have any feeling regarding the outcome?



Well Gail, yes I do. And I hope that the people reading this don’t take it as I had some do last time that this is the way I swing when I announced the same prediction. How I swing is my own business and no one else’s but I can tell you that even though the polls show them neck and neck our president is probably going to remain our president, something I’ve said in enclosed audiences since before the campaign started.

What I’ve mentioned before is how high a stress job this is. As we watched each president before go from robust looking youth to gray-headed men, we’re doing the same now. This is not exactly a job I’d like.  So, just in case I’m wrong, Mitt get ready to lose that beautiful hair color unless you know the best stylist out there.

My wish is that I’ll see a qualified woman president one day. That’s my political hope.

Please spare the messenger your ire.

Da Juana

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