On one of the news shows….

Yesterday on one of the news shows, I heard Democrats and Republicans still playing the blame game.  My thoughts were, why don’t you guys stop this, start thinking about the United States of America, and repair what’s done, no matter who done it.  But alas, they couldn’t hear me.

Moreover, our elected officials, who should be doing what the majority requests, once they get to Washington DC somehow lose their ability to hear those people who voted for them.  But not to just pick on the elected officials, we the people allow it.  We like to protest in our homes and to our friends but we don’t do anything about getting rid of them as quickly as possible.  And we don’t tell them that we’re going to do so when they commit their faux pas.  Even I’m guilty of that.

Before I go on, let me say that I’m neither Democrat, nor Republican.  I do try to vote for what’s best for our country using both my good sense (I hope) and my ability.  On any given moment I can be conservative and then liberal. 

On another note, I’m tired of people saying that if I don’t agree with them, then I’m not a patriot.  This is a country founded upon freedom of speech, which, I think, implies freedom of thought as well.  I’m proud of my country from the land to the soldiers who protect us.  I do wish, however, that the entire world was in a place where no one would need protection.

Da Juana