One of the things I love most is watching a person realize they’re psychic.

One of the things I love most is watching a person realize they’re psychic. Last night, while teaching a class, I got to see several do just that.

My students were learning to see auras. The confirmation on each face took a different slant as they first saw the brilliant soul of the person housing that spirit.

Though they may not all pipe up and say they see something they’re not sure of, when one of them starts with a color they’ve noticed, then you hear the others chime it.

Oohs and ahs quickly wave around the room and I, the teacher (who only brings out what they already have), can see the amazement shining through.

Since teaching is what I came to earth to do, imagine my delight when others open their third eye. That’s psychic for the Cyclops within. And we haven’t even discussed that yet.

Feeling their own aura brings learning with a bit of fun and frolic. Knowing you can touch another clear down to the soul brings new respect for your neighbor and leaves one convinced that they’re right to make judgment calls after feeling up a new acquaintance’s aura. Moreover, it’s perfectly acceptable….bet your mother didn’t tell you that you could do that.

Your aura is your first line of defense and I think everyone should realize the benefit of knowing how to use it to help preserve your emotional, mental and physical health.

You’ve felt your aura warn you when you’ve been sleeping blissfully (hopefully) in your own bedroom, had a family member walk into your room, which makes you then wake up panic-stricken glaring at the door they just entered. Even if you love this kinsman you can’t help but awaken when your sentry man aura tells you that someone’s entered your castle.

You didn’t know that was your aura working overtime, did you?

Da Juana

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