Oprah has a spiritual reason for being the person she is just as we all do.

Oprah has a spiritual reason for being the person she is just as we all do.

Oprah’s decision to stop her very popular television program hit me just as it did most although I didn’t watch her daily. But that’s not what I want to comment on here today.

Instead I want to mention that I’m just a tad older than her and grew up in the same atmosphere she did with there being an exception and that was my skin was white.

My first memory of this fascinating woman came while I was ironing and watching TV of course (stay-at-home mom then). And now I’m going to tell you my first thought when I looked at this lady who was going to see me through a lot of life. Looking back my thought was a sign of the times and the place in which we lived. Here was my thought: “I’m glad to see a black woman (really any woman) on television, finally.”

Pride in her sprang up in that she was a woman and that she would have a long row to hoe (see I’m country too) in order to make the show a success, first because she was a woman and secondly because of her skin color. And I cheered her on as I watched her do it. She endeared a nation and then a world to her. It didn’t take a psychic to see her honesty and sincerity which showed through her character immediately.

She had me when I saw her sit down in the audience on some steps and exclaim that those high heels couldn’t be taken any longer while removing them quickly, true woman that she is. Then she proceeded to hand off her mike so that she didn’t have to get up after finally becoming comfortable.

As she grew in stature among television greats, she did what I’d have done were I to be where she was and that was to try to get people to understand the greater meaning in life. And she did a fine job of that too although some thought she had given up her understanding of God. She stood among ignorant people who didn’t realize that God is everything and persisted in bringing her message.

Yeah, Oprah, we’re going to miss your kind, thoughtful wisdom daily but we know you’re going on to bigger and better. Spiritually you brought the world together so that we could examine each other and see that beneath the skin we all look alike.

Da Juana

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