Oprah’s dog Sophie

Claude told me yesterday that Oprah’s dog, Sophie, died the other day.  He also mentioned that the two of them were almost inseparable.  Being the mother of a fourteen-year-old diabetic puppy makes me all the more aware of her loss.More...

While reading about Sophie’s passing today, I found that Oprah knew beforehand that kidney failure would take her thirteen-year-old baby back home.  But that doesn’t make it any easier on the family left behind.  And I know what it feels like to know beforehand that someone is going to pass over soon.  The wait, with the knowledge of imminent physical passing, for whatever time is left isn’t easy.

Psychically, you know that there is no real death but mentally and emotionally, this is a very hard spiritual lesson.  Not only is a pet a beloved family member but it was chosen, adopted and gives and gets love unconditionally.  The hurt of losing a baby like that is enormous.  Living with the responsibility of loving your animal family member even when you see them going downhill physically is even more overwhelming.  Making the right choice for your baby is even harder.

Oprah, I’m so sorry for your loss but I know you’ll see her again just as I have my precious Muffin.  Hopefully though your Sophie doesn’t bring the illness she died from back with her again as my Muffin did.  At least Mysti got to wait a little longer before it came upon her.  Oprah, I really do know your pain.

Da Juana