Ordinarily I don’t speak of dead stars but I thought that Whitney Houston wouldn’t mind

Ordinarily I don’t speak of dead stars but I thought that Whitney Houston wouldn’t mind being an inspiration to others by allowing me to speak of her after her death.

This wonderful, beautiful woman went to the heights with her voice and acting talent but felt that she lost herself along the way. Although we most often think of her as someone loftier than ourselves because she’d become such a star, she was just an ordinary person with extraordinary happenings in her life. And, make no doubt about it; she loved being who she was even while she hated not having a “Normal” life.

How many of us have thought that if only we were in this star’s or other well-known entity’s shoes but we don’t think of the consequences coming from habitually being in the public eye. And that scrutiny is hard for anyone to accept.

At any rate, I’d like to pay tribute to Whitney’s talent and remember her for that but I’d also like to mention that people who die such as she did, under the same circumstances, tend to look back when on the other side and not worry but be concerned about those they left behind. So this is a message for the person she loved with which she had the problem three days before her death both in the morning and one sentence later that night.

Sometimes words are used in haste and without much thought when you’re stressed. The love she had for you was never in question. It was her stress and how she thought that she couldn’t handle another moment of all the prying eyes. It wasn’t you. She wants you to know you did nothing wrong and if she could take those words back now she would but as we all know, words are like bullets, once fired they will hit a mark and can’t be returned to the gun.

Hope this helps.

Da Juana

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