Our Anniversary.

Today is Claude’s and my wedding anniversary. Until I married him, I wasn’t good with the marriage idea at all. Being married to your best friend might have something to do with that though.

Many years ago, won’t tell you how many, I got to know this man but would have nothing to do with him other than the passing hello. That was because I knew if we ever spent time together I would probably wind up marrying him. Since I had been married before, I really didn’t want to do it again. One good thing came from my prior marriage and that was a beautiful strawberry-blonde daughter. But the rest of the marriage, well let’s say I didn’t like it at all. So after my divorce, I didn’t think I ever wanted to do that again. And I didn’t for a few, now it seems so short, years.

An ex-priest introduced Claude and I years before he and I ever became an item. Even then it seemed that from that first introduction we were friends. Now, I realize to that he and I have spent past lives together, well maybe not together. You see that was one of the problems. We were supposed to be together in a past life, but like this life, I wasn’t sure about being married. The thing was that I left him and went with another. My Cancer husband didn’t forget it even though he didn’t have a memory of it at the time. So many items about our marriage seem to correlate to that past life.

Of course, Claude and I have had ups and downs just like any other marriage but it has been good. Just thought I would share with you today our anniversary.

Da Juana 


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  1. Replylrcv
    Da Jauna- Thank you for all that you do. The site is wonderful, and though I have read the horoscopes for a couple of years, I only found the blog a few months ago. I hope that you and Claude had a wonderful anniversary today, and that there will be many more.
  2. Replylguyader
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Your story sounds very much like mine. A second marriage. My husband now asked me three times before I finally said yes to the marrage thing again. Now after 15 years it seems like just yesterday that we had our backyard wedding. Linda
  3. Replyrolandlove
    Dear Da Juana and Claude! Happy anniversary! Enjoy all the moments of your special love together for indeed you have divinely matched! It is wonderful that you both know it too... marrying your best friend is the strongest of bonds... The first time I met Roland I knew he was to be my husband, all I had to do was look in his eyes and I must have recognized him as I felt the future immediately, and the past... it took 2 years to reconnect as we both had other agendas going on... however, upon our 2nd meeting in this lifetime, we have been inseparable... the first meeting was 10 years ago... we are still linked stronger than ever... Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts and insights into the spiritual world... you are helping so many, many, many people... God bless you and Claude always! Wendy

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