Our Anniversary.

Today is Claude’s and my wedding anniversary. Until I married him, I wasn’t good with the marriage idea at all. Being married to your best friend might have something to do with that though.

Many years ago, won’t tell you how many, I got to know this man but would have nothing to do with him other than the passing hello. That was because I knew if we ever spent time together I would probably wind up marrying him. Since I had been married before, I really didn’t want to do it again. One good thing came from my prior marriage and that was a beautiful strawberry-blonde daughter. But the rest of the marriage, well let’s say I didn’t like it at all. So after my divorce, I didn’t think I ever wanted to do that again. And I didn’t for a few, now it seems so short, years.

An ex-priest introduced Claude and I years before he and I ever became an item. Even then it seemed that from that first introduction we were friends. Now, I realize to that he and I have spent past lives together, well maybe not together. You see that was one of the problems. We were supposed to be together in a past life, but like this life, I wasn’t sure about being married. The thing was that I left him and went with another. My Cancer husband didn’t forget it even though he didn’t have a memory of it at the time. So many items about our marriage seem to correlate to that past life.

Of course, Claude and I have had ups and downs just like any other marriage but it has been good. Just thought I would share with you today our anniversary.

Da Juana